1. Business Consulting of start-ups and existing businesses
  2. Business guidance
  3. Defining business strategy
  4. Costing of products / services
  5. Standardization and improvement of procedures for better productivity
  6. Standardization of jobs and selection of staff
  7. Staff training
  8. Sales development
  9. Developing new markets
  10. Export growth
  11. Improvement of profitability
  12. Preparation of agreements with partners / suppliers / customers
  13. Techno-Economic Studies
  14. Business plans
  15. Preparation of applications/ studies and submission for funding from EU Grant Schemes *
  16. Feasibility Studies
  17. Cost-Benefit Analysis
  18. Research
  19. Project management
  20. GDPR Services

Some of the E.U-Cyprus Grant Schemes we have prepared and submitted applications for and are the following:

  1. Young People Entrepreneurship Scheme
  2. Women Entrepreneurship Scheme
  3. Reinforcement of Competitiveness Scheme for SMEs in Manufacturing
  4. Measure 1.6. – Encouragement of the Improvement and Development of Manufacturing and Trading of Agricultural Products
  5. Encouragement of the use of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Saving
  6. Reinforcement of Business Innovation Scheme 
  7. Rural Development Schemes
  8. Motivation of Sustainable Development and upgrade of tourism product – Cyprus Tourism Organization
  9. Promotion of E- Commerce in Cyprus Scheme
  10. Protection of the Environment from Industrial Pollution Scheme
  11. Movement of Small businesses to approved areas scheme
  12. Community Initiative Equal
  13. Measure 1.4 of the European Special Fund and the Social Welfare Services 
  14. EEA Grants – NGO Fund in Cyprus
  15. Youth in Action Program
  16. 2010 European Year of Fighting Poverty and Social Exclusion
  17. ENPI CBCMED –Cross Border Cooperation of the E.U Countries in the Mediterranean basin with other countries in the region

      Cross Border Cooperation Program: Greece – Cyprus