Our company has offered Business Consulting Services /conducted studies / won E.U Funding, for businesses in the following fields of activity:

    A. Manufacturing Sector (Industry)

    1. Manufacturing of marble, mosaic tiles, building stone and ceramic
    2. Manufacturing of articles of plaster and cement
    3. Building and manufacturing of yachts and sporting boats
    4. Recycling of metal and non-metal waste and other (non-organic)
    5. Recycling of solid waste
    6. Quarries
    7. Manufacturing of bricks for the construction of lightweight cellular concrete
    8. Chrome constructions of wood, metal, porcelain, glass, and plastic
    9. Manufacturing of awnings and sunshades / Creation of other structures and parts of structures, manufacture of sheets, bars, morsels, and the like, of iron, steel, or aluminum
    10. Manufacturing of metal doors and windows /-Manufacture of metal frames and parts of metal frames
      Varnishing and painting furniture
    11. Manufacturing of biscuits and other “dry” bakery products / Manufacture of preserved confectionery
    12. Production of soft drinks, production of mineral water and other bottled waters
    13. Other

    B. Services

    1. Hotels
    2. Hospitals
    3. Amusement Park
    4. Fitness Center / gym
    5. Dance studios
    6. Day Nurseries
    7. Physiotherapists
    8. Surveyors
    9. Wellness Centres / Spa
    10. Private Medical Doctors
    11. Private Educational Institutes
    12. Swimming Centre
    13. Automotive Engineering – Garage
    14. Laundries – Dry Cleaning
    15. Photography Studios
    16. Transportation of Merchandise
    17. Restaurants /Café
    18. Mini-Ffootball Fields
    19. Multipurpose Art studios/ Fashion
    20. Art and Civilization Centre
    21. Studying Halls/ Development of
    22. Expression and Creativity Centres
    23. E-shops
    24. Other

    C. Manufacturing of Agricultural Products

    1. Production and processing of dairy products
    2. Production of fruit juices
    3. Production and processing of organic crude olive oil
    4. Production, processing, manufacturing, packaging, and trading of spices, seasonings, beverages, tea, pulses, confectionery, and cereals
    5. Treatment, processing, packaging, and trading of sesame and sesame products.
    6. Production and preserving of meat
    7. Wine production
    8. Packing and wholesale of eggs
    9. Nut processing
    10. Other

    D. Municipalities / Communities

    1. European Grants
    2. Specialized Surveys
    3. Specialized Studies
    4. Seminars

    E. ΝGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations)

    1. Foundations
    2. Community Volunteering Councils