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Our company has conducted studies in the following fields of activity:


A. Manufacturing Sector

  1. Manufacture of marble, mosaic tiles, building stone and ceramic

  2. Manufacture of  articles of plaster and cement 

  1. Manufacture of fabricated metal products

  2. Manufacture of builders’ carpentry and joinery

  3. Building and manufacturing of yachts and sporting boats

  4. Recycling of metal and non-metal waste and other (non-organic)

  5. Recycling of solid waste

  6. Quarries

  7. Manufacture of bricks for the construction of lightweight cellular concrete

  8. Chrome constructions of wood, metal, porcelain, glass and plastic

  9. Manufacture and installation of tents, umbrellas and mattresses.

  10. Preparation of organic traditional products and other

  11. Preparation and decoration of cakes and other sweets.

B. Services

  1. Amusement park activities

  2. Fitness centers, gyms

  3. Dance studios and Rhythm Gymnastics

  4. Day Nurseries

  5. Physiotherapists

  6. Surveyors

  7. Wellness Centres

  8. Private Medical Doctors

  9. Computer and related activities

  10. Private  Educational Institutes

  11. Swimming Centre

  12. Automotive Engineering – Garage

  13. Automotive car repair and painting

  14. Laundries -  Dry Cleaning

  15. Beauty salons

  16. Photography Studios

  17. Museums

  18. Transportation of merchandise

  19. Repair of car tires

  20. Restaurants

  21. Hair Salons

  22. Mini – football fields

  23. Swimming pools

  24. Advertising and printing

  25. Multipurpose art studios/ Fashion Studios

  26. Studying Halls/ Development of Expression and Creativity Centres

  27. Playgrounds

  28. Café

  29. Online stores

C. Manufacturing of Agricultural Products

  1. Production and processing of dairy products

  2. Production and processing of organic crude olive oil

  3. Production, processing, manufacturing, packaging and trading of spices, seasonings, beverages, tea, pulses, confectionery and cereals

  4. Treatment, processing, packaging and trading of sesame and sesame products.

  5. Production and preserving of meat

  6. Wine production

 D. Municipalities / Communities

  1. European grants

  2. Surveys

 3.  Seminars


E. ΝGO’s (Non Governmental organizations) 

  1. Foundations

  2. Community Volunteering Councils

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