“Investor Shield – Investment Fraud Prevention Service”

In recent years, FAKE INVESTMENT PROPOSALS targeting entrepreneurs and individuals with available funds to invest are on the rise.

  • Many Cypriot and Foreign Entrepreneurs have lost hundreds of thousands trying to invest.
  • Most police complaints have no effect on identifying the criminal and returning investment funds.
  • If you are planning to make an investment, you should consult your Legal Advisor, Accountant /Auditor, and your bank.

Nevertheless, this is no longer enough, since there are many ORGANIZATIONS that seem “okay on paper” but are GHOSTS.

Therefore, we present the “Investor Shield – Investment Fraud Prevention Service” through our close Associates-Experts with international recognition, who offer specialized advice to the relevant Government departments.

The service does NOT include evaluating investments for potential to generate profit but helps identify any FAKE OFFERS of investments from which the only one who wins is the one who makes the offer, who then disappears.

You can see in detail the description of our service on our Specialized Partners page https://www.secureworldvision.com/investor-shield/