Securing Business Capital from EU Grant Schemes

*E.U. Business Grant Schemes:

Preparation of applications & studies and submission to EU Grant Scheme platforms.
The service also includes Project Management to complete the payment of approved sponsorship amounts.

*Some examples of EU and Republic of Cyprus Sponsorship Schemes for which we have prepared applications, studies, and submission files:

  1. Youth Entrepreneurship Grant Scheme
  2. Women Entrepreneurship Grant Scheme
  3. Strengthening the Competitiveness of SMEs in the Manufacturing Sector and other Economic Activities
  4. Grant Scheme for the Creation, Modernization and Digital Upgrading of Agricultural Product Processing Units
  5. Energy Saving Grants Scheme for Enterprises: Energy-Save Upgrade in Business and Non-Profit Organizations
  6. Business Innovation Grant Scheme
  7. Incentive Scheme for Sustainable Enrichment and Upgrading of the Tourism Product
  8. E-commerce Promotion Scheme in Cyprus – Do business online.
  9. Digital Business Upgrading Grant Scheme
  10. Sponsorship Scheme for the Protection of the Environment from Industrial Pollution
  11. Small Business Relocation Scheme in Approved Areas
  12. EQUAL Community Initiative
  13. Measure 1.4 of the European Social Fund and Social Welfare Services
  14. EEA Grants – NGO Fund in Cyprus
  15. Youth in Action Program
  16. 2010 European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion
  17. ENPICBCMED Cross-border cooperation between the European Union countries of the Mediterranean Basin and other countries of the region