Be prepared for the worst with our all-encompassing

Disaster Recovery Plan

Disasters can strike at any moment, and without a proper plan in place, your business could suffer devastating losses.
The impact of a disaster can be exacerbated by the connections and correlations between systems, data, and other entities, making it difficult to recover and resulting in extended downtime.

That’s why we are proud to introduce our comprehensive Disaster Recovery plan, utilizing our state-of-the-art CRIA and DID models. With our plan in place, you can rest assured that your organization is prepared to face any unforeseen circumstances.
Our approach is rooted in the cutting-edge CRIA model, which stands for Crisis Response Impact Avoidance, and the DID model, which stands for Data Impact Detachment.

We evaluate extensively the connections and correlations between data, systems, and other entities that can affect the organization in a disaster scenario to minimize or control the impact of the disaster.

This service is much more effective if you combine it with a Security Strategy plan – INControl Service we offer as it minimizes the possibility of the disaster being initiated in the first place.

Additionally, if a disaster arises, we design your strategy in a way to be able to recover in the shortest time frame while minimizing the impact and the cost of the disaster to the minimum possible.

Our experts will work closely with you to assess your organization’s unique needs and create a customized disaster recovery plan that meets your specific requirements. We will consider every potential scenario, from natural disasters and system faults to cyber-attacks, and develop a plan that ensures business continuity and minimizes downtime.

Our CRIA model covers every stage of the recovery process, from ensuring employee and customer safety during the Crisis Response phase to restoring normal business operations as quickly as possible during the Recovery phase.

Our disaster recovery plan goes beyond just technical recovery procedures. We also focus on ensuring that your organization’s reputation is protected and that you maintain compliance with relevant regulations.

We take a Holistic Approach to Disaster Recovery, considering all aspects of your business, including human resources, customer service, and supply chain management.