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GDPR Services

Compliance with EU GDPR


Effective GDPR compliance is not only a legal matter. It is privacy compliance framework comprised by the following pillars:

1. Legislation itself

2. Technology infrastructure

3. Policies & Procedures

4. Training of all involved parties


The scope of our services covers all before mentioned pillars as well as measures that will not only enhance compliance with GDPR but also the protection of the organization from cyber & physical attacks and data breaches as well as the minimization of insider mistakes.


One of the key features of our services is the avoidance of the domino effect of an attack & the high GDPR fines of a data breach with the use of our exclusive model CRIATM; a model developed based on classified information & safety critical infrastructure standards.


Our GDPR Solution involves the following phases.


1st Phase: Evaluation

  • Collection, analysis and evaluation of data

  • Data mapping

  • DPIA threat assessment

  • Infrastructure evaluation & Risk assessment* (online & offline including physical)

  • Legal assessment

  • Policies, procedures & practices evaluation


2nd Phase: Mitigation

  • Preparation of the mitigation report based on the information collected at the evaluation phase.


3rd Phase: Selection - Roadmap design

  • Presentation of the mitigation plan and selection of solutions.

  • Roles specification, implementation stages setting, and timeframe

  • Policies & procedures development

  • Training


4th Phase: Data breach preparation & procedure


Optional phases:

  1. DPO training

  2. Implementation Audit

  3. Compliance Audit (Monitor, assess, and report)


Our GDPR team comprises of accredited business consultants, security strategists & asset protection experts, & lawyers specializing in contracts and agreements practicing European law. Our team has carried out several important projects in Cyprus and abroad including the required by the government Risk assessments for the opening of all the newly designed casinos and the design of the access control to the properties and GDPR compliance project for one of the biggest private hospitals in Cyprus as well as many other companies in different sectors of the economy.

This service is provided in collaboration with

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