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Our mission is the continuous dedicated offer of Business Consulting Services of high quality level to individuals, Businesses, and Organizations, aiming at exploiting Funding Opportunities from the E.U and the Republic of Cyprus, while strengthening the competitiveness of Cypriot enterprises by assisting them in the development of programs and plans, aiming at becoming the most reliable and effective Consultancy Company in Cyprus.

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Issues and assisting with whatever business nature, European Union funding schemes,financial assist, consulting & entrepreneurial help and much more, this top notch professional company will always give you the hard honest facts and solutions to overcome your troubles. Go ahead, without hesitation. I recommend it immensely!

Zack Georgiou

Company News

A. Energy Saving in Enterprises and other Entities Grant Scheme

Currently Open for applications
Duration: until 21/12/2023 or until the budget is exhausted (whichever comes first)

Target Audience:

SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in almost all business sectors
NGOs (N0n-Governamental Organizations)

Other information:

Subsidy Rate for SMEs : 40%
Subsidy Rate for NGOs : 60%

 B.  Grant scheme for Big Enterpises in the Manufacturing Sector

Expected to be launched during Spring 2023

Target Audience:

Big companies in the Manufacturing Sector

(Big companies=more than 250 people in stuff and/or Turnover over €50.000.000 and/or Balance Sheet over €40.000.000)

Other Information

The scheme will cover planned expenditures for:

Construction of premises (given that there is a Building permit and approved architectural plans)
Landscaping / layout of buildings
Purchase and installation of new equipment / machinery
Purchase of equipment or expenditures for digital transformation
Purchase of photovoltaic system and/or other expenditures for energy saving

C.  Grant Scheme for Energy Saving in Residences

Expected to  Open for applications during April 2023
Duration: Until the budget is exhausted

Target Audience:

Owners of residences with Building Permit dated before 1/12/2007